Rodothea Ioannou

Rodothea Ioannou

My name is Rodothea Ioannou. First I completed my studies at the University of Essex where I received excellent grades in Biomolecular Sciences. Then I continued my undergraduate studies on an MSc level in the field of Molecular Medicine at the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. 

Enthusiastic, motivated Molecular  Medicine postgraduate with good knowledge of issues related to Molecular Biology. 

I love teaching Biology and help everyone to get familiar with this interesting branch of  Science

Rodothea Ioannou's key skill
1 Βιολογία Α' Γυμνασίου MSc in Molecular Medicine
2 Βιολογία Β' Γυμνασίου MSc in Molecular Medicine
3 Βιολογία Γ' Γυμνασίου MSc in Molecular Medicine