Nikolas Kontozis

Nikolas Kontozis
Accounting and Finance

I have graduated with a first-class BSc degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Leeds, which is ranked No.1 for Accounting and Finance in the UK. I am currently working at PwC Cyprus and studying towards the ACA qualification. In my opinion, accounting is very important and interesting because it is the language of business. It is not pure numbers, as many believe, but a representation of reality. Accounting is created by reality and also creates reality! I strongly support continuous learning and I want to stay on top of the relevant knowledge and skills. I also love to transfer my knowledge to others and motivate them to be successful learners. I provide academic support to accounting students that need help with their homework, assignments, preparation for exams or they just want to strengthen their understanding of an accounting topic in order to achieve high-level academic performance. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.


Nikolas Kontozis's key skill
1 Λογιστική Α’ Λυκείου BSc Accounting and Finance
2 Λογιστική Β’ Λυκείου BSc Accounting and Finance
3 Λογιστική Γ’ Λυκείου BSc Accounting and Finance
4 LCCI Elementary BSc Accounting and Finance
5 LCCI Intermediate BSc Accounting and Finance
6 LCCI Higher BSc Accounting and Finance
7 University Level BSc Accounting and Finance