Marios Konstantinou

Marios Konstantinou

My name is Marios Konstantinou and I come from Limassol. I graduated from University of Leeds (BSc Accounting and Finance) which is ranked  No.1 University in Accounting and Finance in UK. I am currently working at KPMG and studying towards the ACCA Qualification. Accounting is an important part of our daily life because during the day there are a lot of transactions between people where our cash in hand and bank increases or decreases. As a result of this we conclude in the definition of accounting which is the analysis and record of economic facts with purpose to determine the economic situation of the company, which has as a purpose to provide the right information to people who are related with a company (Managers, Directors, staff, shareholders).  Moreover, in Accounting we have the opportunity to compare the movement of our income, expenses and all of our assets and liabilities.

As a graduate of Accounting and Finance I feel very happy and satisfied with my choice because I chose something that I like, and I have as a motivation to learn information and knowledge in order to apply and transfer them to other people who are interested in learning accounting.

I would like to help and transfer my knowledge in adults and students (Gymnasium, Lyceum, University) who need help with their lessons, tests, preparation for exams, and lessons during the week if there are people who want.


If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much

Marios Konstantinou

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