Kyriacos Stassis

Kyriacos Stassis

Hello! My name is Kyriacos Stassis and I am 27 years old. I was born and raised in Nicosia where I have studied Accounting at the University of Nicosia. Accounting science is something that has fascinated me since childhood, knowing that accounting methodology exists since the day man invented currency. Accounting is vital for a business, since without it, it cannot survive and grow.

As life would have no meaning without language, equally important is the accounting for the business world and beyond, and this is what I seek to transmit to my students. What is more beautiful and promising than having the ability to communicate your knowledge to others? That is why the teaching of accounting has always been my ultimate goal. I understand that each age group requires a different approach to learning and I have the flexibility needed to meet these requirements.

I also understand that each student has his / her own level of knowledge, skills and abilities, and I have the foresight to identify the basic knowledge of each and every one. Additionally, I have the ability to create a variety of lesson plans tailored to each individual according to their needs. I have a real passion to help my students excel in their studies to achieve their career goals but also the ability to find entertaining and interesting ways to enhance learning, helping them to develop as individuals. Furthermore, I continue to study and stay up to date with all the changes related to my profession.

So welcome to the world of accounting!


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