Dimitris Tsatsanis

Dimitris Tsatsanis

I have studied Mathematics (Bachelor Degree from University of the Aegean,Master Degree from Hellenic Open University).Also I have an Internationla Diploma in Business Management.I currently teach mathematics at all levels (secondary,university lessons) from 2012. Specifically :

Secondary education
•    Junio High School, High School, Vocational High School
•    Preparation for Pan-Hellenic Examinations
•    International Baccalouraute

University education
•    Infinitive calculus
•    Mathematical analysis
•    Linear algebra
•    Analytical geometry
•    Ordinary differential equations
•    Algebra
•    Probability
•    Statistics
•    Linear programming
•    Financial Mathematics
•    Complex analysis
•    Differential geometry
•    Numeral Analysis
•    Combinatorial

My aim is to keep up with the newest educational trends.Everyone who studies can succeed. Online courses have incredible abilities

Dimitris Tsatsanis's key skill