Annie Georgiadou

Annie Georgiadou

Μy name is Annie and I am an English teacher. I studied English with TESOL at the University of South Wales in the UK. After the completion of my bachelor degree, I decided to do a master degree in Digital Technology,  Communication and Education at the University of Manchester. 
Two of the main reasons why I decided to become a teacher are the love that I have for children and the desire to help other people learn. I would describe myself as patient, organized and as a person with great passion for teaching. During my teaching, my main goals are to give special attention to my student’s needs and to integrate him or her into an environment where he or she will be able to learn the language in an authentic way through several tasks and activities.  I teach English to students of several levels and ages and I am also able to  help students  with assignments  and essays.

Annie Georgiadou's key skill