Andreas Pierides

Andreas Pierides

My name is Andreas Pierides and I am from Limassol, Cyprus. I graduated from Lancaster University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance and from University of Derby with a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance. Currently I am in the process of starting my PhD that will increase my research quality related to Accounting and Finance. Accounting was created in order to keep on company transactions and for that it is considered to be the <<language of business>>. The basic accounting principle is that is gives a <<true and fair view>> of company transactions. My love for Accounting as well as my increased research ability will enable me to assist a student into understanding a chapter and succeeding in tests and exams. Moreover the extensive number of academic research projects undertaken during my studies will give me the opportunity to professionally guide students into preparing a high quality Accounting or Business project. Except for Accounting/Business assignments I can offer help in Accounting modules for high school and LCCI Level 1 Elementary. My biggest joy is the success of the students.

Andreas Pierides's key skill