For students

For students

Whatever your level of studies or what subject you are studying whether you are stuck with  a problem or you want to accelerate your learning, you will find an online tutor  to guide you through your studies. Connect with a tutor and personalize your studies.

This means that you will study at your own pace and focus on the areas you need help. Learn with the best technology. You can connect to virtual classroom using your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can speak, chat, write and draw and can re watch your tutoring sessions anytime. As a student you are busy and your schedule changes all the time.  Book your online class at a time that suits you and is convenient to you.

Because students are everywhere so should tutors!

Where ever you are we are!

  • All you need is a a laptop or tablet and a reliable internet connection
  • Choose from a variety of subjects from Ancient Greek and maths to photoshop and e-commerce.
  • All tutors are certified and experts at their field
  • Access to whiteboard, class material sharing, chat and many more

Use Arktos in your school.

Arktos does not replace existing supporting services but “extends” the reach of existing online services