For parents

For parents

Get results for your child with .   offers tutoring to fit your schedule. Schedule an online lesson for your child to fit your schedule and let your child connect to a tutor from anyplace using the latest technology. Our tutors understand your child’s needs and curriculum. Our enthusiastic tutors can match the level of your child and explain every concept that he or she understands.

Because students are everywhere so should tutors!

Where ever you are we are!

  • All you need is a a laptop or tablet and a reliable internet connection
  • Choose from a variety of subjects from Ancient Greek and maths to photoshop and e-commerce.
  • All tutors are certified and experts at their field
  • Access to whiteboard, class material sharing, chat and many more

Use Arktos in your school.

Arktos does not replace existing supporting services but “extends” the reach of existing online services