Myria Onisillou

Myria Onisillou
Primary School

My name is Myria Onisillou and I am a primary teacher. I finished my studies at University of Cyprus and now I do my master degree in “Human resource Management” which includes practices in learning, understanding and managing people in order to bring the best out of them. I like creative hobbies like dancing, kids entertaining and craft building. This is how I want to teach (in a creative way) and I strongly believe that every person can build its own abilities in different aspects of our education. This includes social, learning, thinking, practical, problem solving, cooperative, imagination aspects of life. Education is a multitasking approach and this is how I want to face it. Everyone deserves access to education and the teacher has to find the best practise and personalize it to the student.

I teach all classes of primary school and the first class of Elementary (1st of Gymnasium).


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