Maria Dimitriou

Maria Dimitriou
Elementary School Teacher

Maria Dimitriou started her career by studying Science in Education – Primary School at the University of Cyprus. Followed postgraduate studies in the program "Learning Natural Sciences” of the University of Cyprus.


Her postgraduate dissertation related to assessment through the use of new technologies, and in particular to the topic "Investigation of the type of feedback offered by undergraduate students to their fellow students and the actions they follow as evaluators in the implementation of two-way evaluation ".


As regards her professional career, she worked at the Children's Club of the Community Welfare Council in Dali (2012-2013), at an optional all day school of the Ministry of Education and Culture (2013-2017), in a playground of the Youth Organization of Cyprus (2015-2017), taught Physical Education in summer program of the Ministry of Education and Culture in elementary school (2014 and 2015), theater in Kindergartens (2015-2017) and Greek in foreing-speaking children in the Educational Centers of Ministry of Education and Culture. In addition, there was a team leader in the summer camps of the Ministry of Education and Culture (2008-2013, 2016-2017). At the same time, she continues to be trained by attending seminars.

Maria Dimitriou's key skill