I want to succeed!

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I want to succeed!

Anyplace anytime

Easy and quick

I want to succeed!

Anyplace anytime

Easy and quick

Arktos is an online one to one tutoring platform which offers students a friendly,
professional and innovating learning environment.

It is the gateway which leads students to an extensive team of tutors of varying skills and expertise.
Through Arktos students can access the tutors of their choice and can take tutorials from the comfort of their home.

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ΑΡΚΤΟΣ is an online one to one tutoring platform which offers students a friendly, professional and innovating learning environment.

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Lessons start from 10 euro per hour.

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7 Tips On How To Prepare For Teaching Online
Online education is on the rise and more and more people are using the internet to take both college classes and general education classes. Teaching remotely is still a relatively novel concept and it takes time to adjust for those who’ve never done it before. Here is how to prepare for teaching online.
Benefits of One on One Online Tutoring: Specialized Teaching Methodology
The benefits of one on one online tutoring are very real and pronounced especially in regards to the amount of attention that the student receives and the specialized teaching methodology. Since all of us are different beings (even two twins are different!) and so are the learning and grasping capabilities. You may wonder…

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Dionysios Thasitis Dionysios Thasitis
Were I to be asked why I chose to endeavor in the field of Mathematics the answer…
Giorgos Garaklides Giorgos Garaklides
English - Spanish
My name is Giorgos and I teach English. I studied English Language and Literature…
Alexia Michael Palazi Alexia Michael Palazi
French Language and Literature
My name is Alexia Michael Palazi and I am 31 years old.  I am a graduate of the University…
Elena Alexandrou Elena Alexandrou
Mathematics is everywhere around us and play a leading role in the development of…
Tatiana Karpi Tatiana Karpi
Hello! My name is Tatiana. I am fully qualified native Russian speaker, with a university…
Serena Ferlisi Serena Ferlisi
I'm Serena, an Italian teacher from Milan. I studied at the University of Siena to…
Sotiria Protogirou Sotiria Protogirou
Greek Literature
I am a Greek Literature teacher with a PhD degree from the Department of Byzantine…
Angelos Sofocleous Angelos Sofocleous
Hello! My name is Angelos Sofocleous, I come from Nicosia, Cyprus and I am a Philosophy…
Eirini Taxidou Eirini Taxidou
My name is Eirini and I am 23 years old. I am a philologist. I have a Bachelor of…
Cristina Konstantinidi Cristina Konstantinidi
My name is Cristina Konstantinidi and I’m a Spanish teacher. This year I’ll finish…
Efthimia Georgiou Efthimia Georgiou
I have studied literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and…
Fotini Mastroianni Fotini Mastroianni
I was born and grown up in Athens, Greece. I studied economics at the University…
Annie Georgiadou Annie Georgiadou
Μy name is Annie and I am an English teacher. I studied English with TESOL at the…
Maria Herodotou Maria Herodotou
Hello. My name is Maria Herodotou and I am a graduate of University of Cyprus in…
Andreas Adamou Andreas Adamou
History and Archeology
My name is Andreas Adamou and I am a graduate of the Department of History and Archeology…
Basilis Eleftheriadis Basilis Eleftheriadis
Hello everyone. My name is Basilis Eleftheriadis. I have graduated from the department…
Rodothea Ioannou Rodothea Ioannou
My name is Rodothea Ioannou. First I completed my studies at the University of Essex…
Ourania Stavrou Ourania Stavrou
My name is Ourania Stavrou. I have studied Biology and Immunology in the UK and I…
Evangelia Dendrinou Evangelia Dendrinou
Classical Philology
My name is Evangelia Dendrinou and I am permanent resident of Athens. I have a degree…
Antigoni Hadjiantoniou Antigoni Hadjiantoniou
History and Modern Greek
My name is Antigoni Hadjiantoniou, I have studied History-Archeology at University…
Athanasios Mouras Athanasios Mouras
Ο Δαρβίνος συνήθιζε να λέει “O μαθηματικός είναι ένας τυφλός , σε ένα σκοτεινό δωμάτιο…
Andreas Pierides Andreas Pierides
My name is Andreas Pierides and I am from Limassol, Cyprus. I graduated from Lancaster…
Maria Fidani Maria Fidani
Hello! I’m Maria. I am Greek and I have been teaching Italian to adolescents and…
Andri Heracleous Andri Heracleous
My name is Andri Heracleous and i am a computer science graduate student from University…
Ioanna Grigoriou Ioanna Grigoriou
BSc Biological Sciences
Hi everyone. My name is Ioanna Grigoriou and I am 23 years old. It has been two…
Zoe Tsouglini Zoe Tsouglini
Classic Philology
Zoe Tsouglini graduated from the department of Classic Philology at the University…
Nikolas Kontozis Nikolas Kontozis
Accounting and Finance
I have graduated with a first-class BSc degree in Accounting and Finance from the…
Marios Kyriakou Marios Kyriakou
My name is Marios and I am an English teacher. I studied T.E.S.O.L. (Teaching English…
Maria Μakrygiorgi Maria Μakrygiorgi
School Psychologist
School Psychologist in Nicosia She graduated from the Psychology Department of the…
Kyriacos Stassis Kyriacos Stassis
Hello! My name is Kyriacos Stassis and I am 27 years old. I was born and raised in…
Constantina Griva Constantina Griva
Hello everyone! My name is Constantina Griva. I have studied Computer Science and…
Zina Nikiforidou Zina Nikiforidou
Merhaba! My name is Zina Nikiforidou and I am graduated of Turkish and Middle Eastern…
Xrisanthos Kyriakou Xrisanthos Kyriakou
I have always loved teaching. It is a privilege to work with students and the best…
Georgia Eleftheriou Isaac Georgia Eleftheriou Isaac
Lovely greetings to all arktos students! My name is Georgia Eleftheriou Isaac and…
Chrystalla Tziortzi Chrystalla Tziortzi
Graphic Design
Antonia Louka Antonia Louka
My name is Antonia Louka. I graduated from the department of Greek Philologie and…
Antonia Antoniou Antonia Antoniou
Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature
I completed my bachelor’s degree in Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature…
Eliana Michael Eliana Michael
Turkish language
Hi, I am Eliana Michael and I am 24 years old. I completed my bachelor degree in…
Louiza Mina Louiza Mina
Knowledge is an invaluable treasure that shines more when you share it. It is my…
Aggeliki-Maria Pappa Aggeliki-Maria Pappa
Ancient/Classical Greek
My name is Aggeliki-Maria Pappa. I am 26 years old. I was born and am living in Elefsis.…
Stella Kyriakidou Stella Kyriakidou
I am Stella Kyriakidou and I’m 24 years old. I was graduated in 2015 Turkish Studies…
Alexandra Nicolaou Alexandra Nicolaou
I have graduated from the University of Cyprus with a bachelor’s degree in Byzantine…
Sotiris Pavlou Sotiris Pavlou
My name is Sotiris Pavlou and I am a graduate of the Department of Turkish and Middle…
Katerina Chatzidaki Katerina Chatzidaki
My name is Katerina Chatzidaki. I graduated from the University of Crete. I hold…
Maria Leonidou Maria Leonidou
Classical Philology
My name is Maria Leonidou and I’m a graduate of the University of Cyprus with degree…
Rafaela Charalambous Rafaela Charalambous
Career counselling
My name is Rafaela Charalambous. I have graduated from the University of Cyprus with…
Stella Moscholaki Stella Moscholaki
Greek Philology
My qualifications are a B.Α degree in Greek Philology from the Democritus University…
Alexia Mavronicola Alexia Mavronicola
My name is Alexia Mavronicola and I am a French language teacher. I graduated from…
Marianne Symeonidou Marianne Symeonidou
My name is Marianne and i teach English. I have graduated from the University of…
Maria Mavropsi Maria Mavropsi
Greek Literature
My name is Maria Mavropsi and I am a Greek Literature teacher. I have graduated from…
Flourentzos Pavlou Flourentzos Pavlou
Dear student. I salute you. My name is Flourentzos Pavlou and I have acquired a Bachelor…
Christina Markou Christina Markou
Turkish Language
My name is Christina Markou. I am 24 years old. I studied Turkish Language and Literature…
Agathi Kleanthous Agathi Kleanthous
I am Agathi Kleanthous and I have studied Biology in the University of Brighton.…
Cristodoulos Kakoullis Cristodoulos Kakoullis
A graduate person of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the field…
Krystallia  Chatzianesti Krystallia Chatzianesti
Hello ! My name is Krystallia Chatzianesti and I teach the Russian language. I…
Ioanna Karaiskaki Ioanna Karaiskaki
History/Modern Greek
My name is Ioanna Karaiskaki.  My undergraduate degree is in History, in Ionion Univerisity…
Ourania Gkania Ourania Gkania
Niki Dionysiadi Niki Dionysiadi
My name is Niki Dionysiadi and I teach English and Chinese. I hold the certificate…
Marios Konstantinou Marios Konstantinou
My name is Marios Konstantinou and I come from Limassol. I graduated from University…
Dimitris Iliopoulos Dimitris Iliopoulos
Hello Arktos students, my name is Dimitris and I’m a physicist. I earn my degree…
Demetris Koemtzis Demetris Koemtzis
Born in Thessaloniki in 1984 and lives in Aeginio Pieria. He graduated from the Ηigh…
Eva Tzortzini Eva Tzortzini
My name is Eva Tzortzini and I have a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and…
Αlexia Karpouza Αlexia Karpouza
My name is Αlexia Karpouza and I was born in 1987 in Thessaloniki where I live and…
Rodoula Agapiou Rodoula Agapiou
My name is Rodoula Agapiou. I have studied Mathematics at the University of Crete…